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Safe Wairarapa Region, New Zealand - South Wairarapa, Carterton & Masterton International Safe Community # 183

Safer Wairarapa ISC Application Safer Wairarapa ISC Application
(Final Application Safer Wairarapa 2010.pdf - 1.55 Mb)

The Wairarapa Region consists of three communities - South Wairarapa, Carterton and Masterton, they are the 10th, 11th and 12th designated Safe Community in New Zealand and number 183 in the world. Overview of community programmes. Site Visit March 2010, Designation Ceremony 30th April 2010.

Country: New Zealand
Number of inhabitants: approximately 38,610
Programme started year: 2006
International Safe Communities Network Membership: 2010
Full application available:

For further information contact:
Name: Jane Mills -Coordinator  
Institution: Safer Wairarapa
Address: 164 High Street South, Carterton
City: Wairarapa
Country: New Zealand
Phone: +64 6 379 5407 extn 703
Fax: +64 6 379 5941
Web address community as a whole:

In the Wairarapa region there are a range of initiatives that have been put in place by the community covering safety promotion activities:

For the age group

  • Children 0-14 years:
    Peer Support/ Life Skills Parenting programmes
    Active movement
    Active schools
    Child Vehicle Restraints’ Education
    Strengthening Families
    Family Start
    Parents as First Teachers
    Life to the Max
    DARE programmes
    Prevention of Falls for under 5s
    Child Care programmes
    Out of School Care programmes
    Youth offender programmes
    Parenting programmes
    Youth Aid
    Youth Council
    Youth Education
  • Youth 15-24 years:
    Alcohol and Drug Services
    Students Against Driving Drunk
    Whakamoe Patu
    Youth Council
    Youth Health Services
    Youth Education
    Youth Offender programmes
    Parenting Teenagers
    Active Wairarapa
    Mental Health Community Support
  • Adults 25-64 years:
    Alcohol and Drug Services
    Active Wairarapa
    Parenting skills
    Self defence training
    First Aid Training
  • Older Adults 65+ years:
    Tai Chi programmes
    Otago Exercise Programme
    Community Fitness Programmes
    Green Prescriptions
    Active Wairarapa
    Violence Prevention

In the following Environments:

  • Home:
    Vulnerable Families
    Home Safety programmes
    Family Violence Home Alarms/monitors
    Safe Design information- as part of building consent process
    Smoke Alarms
    Electrical Safety
    Poison Prevention Campaigns
    Falls prevention especially for older adults and pre-school children
    Campaigns related to safe storage of chemicals
  • Traffic:
    Road Safety Action Plan
    Police Road Safety Calendar
    Speed Advisory Signs
    Drink –Drive Campaigns
    School travel plans
    Drive to the Conditions
    Speed Reduction Campaigns
    Motor Cycle Education Stops
    Cycle Safety
    Driveway Runovers
    Impairment and Road Safety Education- by CAAG
    Learner and Driver license education
    Youth Driver programmes
  • Occupational:
    Alcohol and Drug Services
    Host Responsibility (Alcohol) programmes- by CAAG
    New Zealand Safety Week
    Farm Safety
    Employers Health and Safety Forum
    ACC Partnership Programme
    ACC Workplace Safety Management Programme
    Health and Safety Committees
  • School:
    Safe at Play
    Vulnerable road users, especially cycle and pedestrian safety.
    Walking School Buses
    School Patrols
    Kia Kaha anti bullying programme
    Playground safety
  • Leisure:
    Active Wairarapa
    Fitness Classes
    Walking Groups
    Swim for Life (all ages)
    Aqua aerobics
    Halberg Trust Sport Opportunity Programme
    Community Triathlons
    Dancing classes
    Responsible use of alcohol within sports clubs
  • Sports:
    Rugby smart
    Sports events
    Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention
  • Water: 
    Swimming Lessons
    Water Safety
    Home Pool Safety
    Lifeguards- Council Swimming Pools and Beaches
  • Fire:
    Firewise Fire Safety Education in schools, community and rural settings
    Smoke alarms project
  • City Streets/ Built Environment:
    Maori Wardens
    Neighbourhood Support
    Crime Prevention Through Environmental design -concepts for urban planning
    Surveillance Cameras
    Liquor bans
    Safer Parks projects

Violence prevention (intentional injuries):

  • Family Violence Network / Family Violence Intervention Group
  • Violence Free Wairarapa Campaign
  • Safe Circles

Suicide prevention (self-inflected injuries):

  • Educational/ Awareness Programmes
  • 3 year Wairarapa Suicide Prevention Action Plan
  • Grey not Blue seminars
  • Counselling Services 

Programmes aiming at “High risk-groups”:

  • Stopping Violence Programmes
  • Family Safety Team
  • Intensive Clinical Support
  • Wairarapa Alcohol Strategy
  • Home Safety (ACC)
  • SADD – Students against drunk drivers

Surveillance of injuries:

  • Seat belt compliance surveys
  • Road-Speed Surveys
  • Police Crime Statistics
  • Crash and injury Statistics- NZTA, Police
  • ACC claims Data
  • Statistics New Zealand
  • NZ Health Information Services Data         

Numbers per year:

  • In 2007, 678 people were admitted to hospital as the result of an injury.

Falls accounted for 234 of the admissions.

Motor vehicle traffic crashes accounted for 52.

225 of hospital admissions occurred at home, mostly as the result of a fall.

  • Start Year: 2006
  • Population base: Approximately 38 610 people in the Wairarapa region

Produced information, material, pamphlets,

  • Evaluation of the Violence Free Wairarapa  Campaign ( 2004,2008)
  • Violence Free Wairarapa Campaign Resource Kit (2005)
  • “Say it with Love” with List of Helping Agencies: (December 2005)
  • Towards a Vibrant Healthy Wairarapa (2007-2008)- Public Health Unit
  • “Think on 2 it, not out of it” (2008-2009)- CAAG
  • “Annie Goes to the City” (2009)- Wairarapa Road Safety Council
  • Evaluation ‘Tamati Paul’ 2008
  • Youth Drinking survey 2002
  • Sports Accreditation
  • Evaluation Holden ‘Driving for the future 2008’

International commitments:

  • Attended 17th International Safe Communities Conference at Christchurch in October 2008
  • 2008 Workshop for the International Safe Community Network in New Zealand, 23rd October 2008 


Number: 1
Professions: Full-time Project Manager
Organisation: Safer Wairarapa Community Council
Specific intersectoral leadership group:Safer Wairarapa Coalition Group including

                    • Mayor of Carterton Council
                    • Mayor of Masterton Council
                    • Mayor of South Wairarapa Council
                    • Accident Compensation Commission (ACC)
                    • Wairarapa District Health Board
                    • Police
                    • Ministry of Social Development
                    • Masterton Safe and Healthy Community Council
                    • Southern Wairarapa Safer Community Council
                    • Rangitane O Wairarapa
                    • Ngati Kahungunu O Wairarapa
                    • Pasifika Wairarapa Trust

‘Booze Glasses’ activity national SADD Week
‘Booze Glasses’ activity national SADD Week
Members of Coalition at Sports Accreditation Award Presentation 2009
Members of Coalition at Sports Accreditation Award Presentation 2009
Tai Chi Instructors’ Training Workshop
Tai Chi Instructors’ Training Workshop
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