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Wanganui, New Zealand International Safe Community #222

Internet Summary for Community Outline Internet Summary for Community Outline
(ISC Safer Wanganui Outline.pdf - 193.16 Kb)
ISC Application for Wanganui ISC Application for Wanganui
(International Safe Community Application.pdf - 5.01 Mb)
ISC Wanganui SCFNZ Report ISC Wanganui SCFNZ Report
(Application & Site Visit Feedback Report.pdf - 141.33 Kb)
Designation Newsletter Designation Newsletter
(Wanganui NZ Designation for Int SC Monthly November.pdf - 132.07 Kb)

Whanganui is the 18th ISC in New Zealand and 222nd in the world. Safe Community programme outline, Application received July 2010, Site Visit August 2010, Designation Ceremony 19th November 2010.

Country: New Zealand
Number of inhabitants: 42,636 (2006 Census)
Programme started year: 2007
International Safe Communities Network Membership: 2010
Info address on the Programme:   
Full application available: submitting July 2010

For further information contact:
Charmaine Matiaha
Position: Safer Wanganui Coordinator
Institution: Whanganui District Council
Address: PO Box 637
City: Whanganui 4500
Country: New Zealand
Phone 64 6 349 0001  Mob: 0274464207

In Wanganui the programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

For the age group

  • Children 0-14 years:
    Young Cyclist of the Year
    Child restraint checking clinics
    BikeWise Month
    Birthright Wanganui (single parents)
    Incredible Years
    S.K.I.P. Whanganui
    For Our Kids
  • Youth 15-24 years:
    High on Life
    Driver licensing programmes
    The White Water Years
    Computer Clubhouse
    Make It. Take It.
    Underground Youth Fashion Show
    Youth Committee
    For our Kids
    Whanganui Youth Access to Alcohol summer campaign
  • Adults 25-64 years:
    Ladies Night at Mega Mitre 10
     Club Gold Walking Club
    New Zealand Safety Week
    Whangaui Workplace Health and Safety Forum
  • Older Adults 65+ years:
    Modified Tai Chi for Older Adults
    Age Concern Expo (2 yrly)
    Older People’s Forum
    Club Gold Walking Club
    Senior Gym Circuit
    Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention
    Accredited Visiting Service

In the following Environments:

  • Home:
    New Zealand Safety Week each September
    Modified Tai Chi for Older Adults
    303 Parent Support Centre
    Neighbourhood Support Groups
    Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention
    Accredited Visiting Service
  • Traffic:
    Child restraint checking clinics
    Whanganui Learning Centre’s driver licensing programme
    Whanganui Road Safety Action Plan
    Te Ora Hou’s driver licencing programme
    Intersections campaigns
    Mobility scooter users’ safety workshop
  • Occupational:
    Whanganui Workplace Health & Safety Forum
    Health and Safety Practitioners Forums
    Workplace Neighbourhood Support (300 members)
  • School:
     A range of injury prevention initiatives in schools and pre-school providers
     School patrols & walking school buses
    Underground Youth Fashion Show
    Health Promoting Schools
  • Sports:
    Sport Wanganui
    Sport and recreation is included in the Safety & Wellbeing reference group
  • Leisure:
     Continuous improvement of public parks, reserves and playgrounds
    Monitoring of playground injuries at Council-owned facilities
    Provision and lighting of a shared pathway along the Whanganui River
  • Other:
    Provision of “Fix-it” forms for reporting of unsafe conditions or anything requiring repair.
     Using CPTED principles in planning
    Community Patrol
    Safety displays at National Children’s Day and Whanau Day

Violence prevention (intentional injuries):

  • Anger Change for Mothers
  • Intensive home-based Social Work
  • Free To Be Me
  • Te Rito Community Action Plan to 2012
  • Family Violence Intervention Network

 Suicide prevention (self-inflected injuries):

  • Training provided to agencies on youth and depression
  • Kai Piki Te Ora

Programmes aiming at “High risk-groups”:

  • Modified Tai Chi for older adults
  • Te Ora Hou’s driver licencing programme
  • Mobility scooter users’ safety workshop
  • May Day for people with disabilities
  • For Our Kids
  • High on Life
  • Life to the Max

Surveillance of injuries:

  • Average number per year:
    New entitlement claims – 1487 year (2003 – 2008)
    Hospital discharges as the result of injury – 735 year (2003 – 2007)
    Deaths as the result of injury – 25 per year (2001 - 2005)
  • Population base: 43,636 (2006 Census)
  • Started year: As above

Produced information material, pamphlets:

International commitments:

  • Participation in Safe Community conferences: 
    A paper presented at the 17th International Safe Community Conference in Christchurch 2008
  • Hosting “Travelling Seminars”:
    Dr Carolyn Coggan on 20 April 2010
    ALAC and SCFNZ Alcohol Seminar on 20 April 2009
    Laurie Gabites from Safer Wellington on 12 August 2009
  • Other:
    Attendance at SCFNZ forum in Auckland on 23 August 2009


Number: 1
Professions: Administrator, Safer Wanganui
Part-time or full-time: 20 hours per week
Permanent: Short-term contract to 30 September 2010
Temporary: Temporary
Organization: Wanganui District Council
Specific intersectoral leadership group: Safer Wanganui steering group
General public health/health promotion group: 6 Safer Wanganui reference groups covering safety and wellbeing, family violence, alcohol and other drugs, justice, road safety and emergency planning

Launch of Safety Plan
Launch of Safety Plan
Mayoral Challenge
Mayoral Challenge
Safer Wanganui Steering Group
Safer Wanganui Steering Group
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