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Tauranga Moana Safe City New Zealand, International Safe Community # 142

Tauranga City is the 7th designated Safe Community in New Zealand and number 142 in the world. Overview of community programmes. Application attached. Site Visit April 1st, Designation Ceremony July 9th 2008. Joint Application with Western Bay of Plenty who becomes the 27th Designated Safe Community in New Zealand. Site Visit/re-designation 11th June 2014.

Country: New Zealand
Number of inhabitants: 150,000
Programme started year: 2006
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation Year 2008 & 2014
Full application available:

For further information contact:
Name: Michael Mills
Tauranga Moana Safe City Coordinator
Address: Tauranga City Council
Private Bag 12022
Tauranga Mail Centre 3143
Country: New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 5526220 or +64 274937322

Located in the Bay of Plenty on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand with a population of 150,000. Tauranga Moana Safe City (TMSC) reflects the location of the programme (Western Bay of Plenty), but retains the Safer City title to acknowledge Tauranga as the population and economic centre of the district. In addition a name Moana captures the Maori significance and meaning: safe anchorage. Since being accredited in 2008, TMSC has continued to build on the effective partnerships that existed throughout the area; focused on identifying best practice programmes, reviewed data sources and incorporated appropriate processes to identify leverage and more key stakeholders to participate. Tauranga Moana encourages a continuous improvement approach, so Safe Communities becomes business as usual in the development of a positive safety culture and the creation of safer environments. The application for re-designation extensively addresses each of the seven criteria, both the application and supporting documents were of a high standard. The endorsement letters from both Mayors, and the Chair, demonstrate very clearly, the support, expertise and enthusiasm for improving community safety within the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty region. Over 126 injury and crime prevention initiatives were highlighted. It is an excellent example of long-term sustainability through coalition building with a long-term vision.
Mike Mills
Mike Mills
Safe Tauranga Community Outline Safe Tauranga Community Outline
(Tauranga Safe Community Programme web.pdf - 389.83 Kb)
Safe Tauranga Application Safe Tauranga Application
(Safe City Document low res FINAL APP.pdf - 3.03 Mb)
Tauranga Designation Newsletter Tauranga Designation Newsletter
(Tauranga newsletter for Int SC Monthlly.pdf - 74.76 Kb)
Site Visit Report Tauranga Site Visit Report Tauranga
(Site Visit report April, 2008.pdf - 99.33 Kb)
Form A - Tauranga Moana Safe City 2014 Form A - Tauranga Moana Safe City 2014
(Copytauranga-safe-city-reaccrediation-may-2014.compressed.pdf - 10.71 Mb)
Form BTauranga Moana Safe City.pdf Form BTauranga Moana Safe City.pdf
(Form BTauranga Moana Safe City.pdf - 294.90 Kb)
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