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Tauranga City New Zealand, International Safe Community # 142

Safe Tauranga Community Outline Safe Tauranga Community Outline
(Tauranga Safe Community Programme web.pdf - 389.83 Kb)
Safe Tauranga Application Safe Tauranga Application
(Safe City Document low res FINAL APP.pdf - 3.03 Mb)
Tauranga Designation Newsletter Tauranga Designation Newsletter
(Tauranga newsletter for Int SC Monthlly.pdf - 74.76 Kb)
Site Visit Report Tauranga Site Visit Report Tauranga
(Site Visit report April, 2008.pdf - 99.33 Kb)
Mt Maunganui Beach
Mt Maunganui Beach

Tauranga City is the 7th designated Safe Community in New Zealand and number 142 in the world. Overview of community programmes. Application attached. Site Visit April 1st, Designation Ceremony July 9th 2008.

Country: New Zealand
Number of inhabitants: 104,000
Programme started year: 2006
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation Year 2008
Full application available:

For further information contact:
Name: Michael Mills
Tauranga Safe City Coordinator
Address: Tauranga City Council
Private Bag 12022
Tauranga Mail Centre 3143
Country: New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 5526220 or +64 274937322

The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:
For the age group

  • Children 0-14 years:
    Child car restraint programmes – Project Kiddiklic
    School travel plans
    School student bike skills programmes
    School gate pedestrian awareness campaign
    Ruben the Road Safety Bear programmes
    Puppet Vision programmes
     ‘Kids on Feet’ walking school buses
    Strengthening Families
    'Swim for Life’ learn to swim programme
    Swimming pool fencing compliance and advice
  •  Youth 15-24 years:
    SADD – students against drunk driving
     YATA – youth access to alcohol forum
    MOD Squad – moderating our drinking campaign
    “Think…consequences” underage sale and supply of alcohol campaign
    Off-License Accord
    Parent Pack: Tools for the teenage years
    YOT – youth offending team
    CAYAD – Ngaiterangi iwi
    Youth offending and reoffending programmes
    Youth Ambassadors project
    Surf lifesaving education, regional lifeguards
    Summer Activity Taskforce
  • Adults 25-64 years:
    TMAPS – Tauranga Moana Abuse Prevention Strategy
    “Blow the Whistle on Violence” campaign
    White Ribbon – men against family violence campaign
    Booze bus and TAG enforcement campaigns
    Off-License Accord
    Neighbourhood Support
    Community Patrols
    Coastguard boating courses
    Life jacket compliance checks
  • Older Adults 65+ years:
    Otago Exercise Programme
    Tai Chi
    ‘City on its Feet’ programme

In the following Environments:

  • Home:
    Swimming pool fencing compliance
  • Traffic
    Road Safety Strategic Plan Objectives:
    - To reduce the incidence and severity of crashes in the RCA/Cluster Area
    -  To better or equal the level of safety of similar RCAs/Cluster Areas throughout New Zealand
    -  To identify road safety issues in the area and implement strategies promote safer roads and safer people.
    -  To identify key agencies and set up working relationships were pertinent.
    -  To reduce road crashes and injuries for road users.
    -  To support the National RSP.
    -  To support the regional council in specific road safety programmes and issues.
    -  To foster a road safety culture which develops safer attitudes, skills and behaviour
    -  To encourage more children to walk and cycle more often
    - To promote the health benefits of walking and cycling
    -  To promote Travel Safe to schools and communities
  • Occupational
    Western Bay of Plenty Industrial Safety Group
    Port User Safety and Health Group
    Bay of Plenty Safety Liaison Group
    P2S – Passport to Safety
    Road Safety programmes
  • School
    Road Safety education programmes
    'Kids on Feet’ walking school buses
    Parent Pack: Tools for the teenage years
    SADD – students against drunk driving
  • Sports
    “Blow the Whistle on Violence” campaign
  • Leisure
    YATA – youth access to alcohol
    MOD squad – moderating our drinking campaign
    The Strand Night Management Plan
    Bar Code – District Licensing Authority newsletter
    General Licensee Forums
    Road safety education programmes
    Water safety education programmes – ‘Swim for Life’
    Summer Activity Taskforce

Violence prevention:

TMAPS – Tauranga Moana Abuse Prevention Strategy
“Blow the Whistle on Violence” campaign
“White Ribbon” campaigns
Shakti Ethnic Women’s Support new women’s refuge
 The Strand Night Management Plan

Suicide prevention:

National strategy released 2007

Programmes aimed at “high risk-groups”

Children 0-14: water safety, road safety
Youth 15-24: water safety, road safety, alcohol-related harm, crime prevention, workplace safety
Adult 25-64: water safety, road safety, alcohol-related harm, family violence, workplace safety
Older Adults 65+: falls prevention

Surveillance of injuries:

The following data sources are monitored and analysed:
ACC claims statistics
Bay of Plenty District Health Board – Emergency Department presentations; injury hospitalisation statistics
PHI data – self harm; suicide 
Safe Communities Foundation Information Sheets
Police crime statistics
Police Alcolink data
Crash and injury statistics – LTNZ, Police
Water Safety NZ; Bay of Plenty Surf Lifesaving; Coastguard Eastern Region

Produced information material, pamphlets:

Parent Pack: tools for the teenage years
‘White Ribbon’ campaign posters, print media advertisements
“Blow the Whistle on Violence” campaign: large banner, posters, radio and print advertisements, drinks coasters, whistles with printed lanyards
MOD Squad (moderating our drinking) campaign: t-shirts, silicone bracelets, tattoos

International commitments:

Tauranga Safe Communities Forum, 8 November 2006
2007 Workshop for the International Safe Community Network in New Zealand, 10 October 2007
2008 Member of the 17th International Safe Community National Advisory Group. Will present paper and participate at the conference.


Number: 1
Professions: Part-time coordinator
Contract: May 2008
Organisation: Tauranga City Council
Specific intersectoral leadership group: Tauranga Safe City Leadership Forum
General public health/health promotion group: Tauranga Safe City Coalition

Ruben the Road Safety Bear
Ruben the Road Safety Bear
School Safety
School Safety
MOD Squad
MOD Squad
Violence campaign
Violence campaign
Walking Groups
Walking Groups
Mike Mills
Mike Mills
Tauranga Steering Group
Tauranga Steering Group
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