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Nelson Tasman, New Zealand International Safe Community #250

ISC Application ISC Application
(FinalSATTapplicationonline.pdf - 2.51 Mb)
Letters Of Support Letters Of Support
(letters of support001.pdf - 523.54 Kb)
Supporting Documents Supporting Documents
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Nelson Tasman Internet Summary Nelson Tasman Internet Summary
(Nelson Tasman Internet Summary 2011.pdf - 184.71 Kb)
Nelson Tasman Designation Newsletter Nelson Tasman Designation Newsletter
(Nelson Tasman NZ Designation for Int SC Monthly August 2011.pdf - 94.08 Kb)
Nelson Tasman Application and Site Visit Review Report Nelson Tasman Application and Site Visit Review Report
(Nelson Tasman Site Visit and Application Review Report July 2011.pdf - 130.44 Kb)

Nelson Tasman is the 19th and 20th ISC in New Zealand and 250th in the world. Safe Community Internet Summary. Full application attached. Designation Ceremony 30th August 2011.

For the latest information on Nelson Tasman Safe Community  visit:

Country: New Zealand
Number of inhabitants: 87,513 people live in Nelson Tasman, 42, 888 (Nelson) 44,625 (Tasman)
Programme started year: 2008
International Safe Communities Network Membership: #250

For further information contact:
Name: Glenis Bell
Institution: Safe at Top Coordinator
City: Nelson
Country: New Zealand
Phone 03 539-1170

Info address on www for the community as a whole: or

The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

For the age group

  • Children 0-14 years:
    Safekids coalition
    Car seat checking clinics
    School and Preschool education Buckle bear and Booster rooster
    Including Walking school buses
    Chaos at the school gate campaigns
    Cycle skills training in schools
  • Youth 15-24 years:
    Anti Drink / Drugs driving Youth Expo year 11
    Early Intervention youth offender Course
    RYDA – Rotary Young Driver Awareness
    Boy racer vehicle check
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson-Youth Mentoring
    Reducing the Supply of Alcohol to Minors (RSAM)
    Targeted Youth Health Service
  • Adults 25-64 years:
     Disposal of Unwanted Medicines through Pharmacies (DUMP)
    Host Responsibility training and promotion
    Parent Support Initiatives
    Strengthening Families
  • Older Adults 65+ years:
    Regular courses for Older drivers to refresh
    CARFIT seminars
    Mobility Scooter training
    Health of Older Persons Safe Use of Medicines booklet and minor ailment leaflets
    Falls Prevention
    Older Adults Working Group
    Vitamin D

In the following Environments:

  • Home:
    Falls Prevention
    Older Adults Working Group
    Home Safety Coalition
    Vitamin D
    Disposal of Unwanted Medicines through Pharmacies (DUMP)
    Health of Older Persons Safe Use of Medicines booklet and minor ailment leaflets
    Burns and Fire prevention
  • Traffic:
    Road Safe Nelson Bays
    Reducing alcohol/drug impaired driving
    Safe speeds
    Safe roads and roadsides
    Increasing the level of restraint use
    Increasing the safety of older New Zealanders
    Cycle & Pedestrian safety
    Increasing the safety of young drivers
    Increasing the safety of motorcycling
  • Occupational:
    Fall prevention in construction industry
    LPG use in cafes and bars
    Traffic Management Plans/Safer Roads
    Forestry log trucks
    Quad Bikes
    Cool Stores
    Workplace Safety – Cool Stores
    Operators strain and sprain
    Workplace Safety Evaluations
    Companies of Interest
    Discomfort Pain and Injury
    Reducing injuries in healthcare
  • Reducing Alcohol related harm: 
    Nelson City & Tasman District Hospitality Protocol
    Refresher Training for Duty Managers
    Police Network Breakfast Meetings
    Off Licence Alcohol Accord OLAA
    Operation Unite
    Door staff training
    Bridge Street Survey and revitalization
    Say Now sports initiative
    NZ Seasonal Workers in Motueka
    Parent Support Initiatives
    Best Practice AOD Policy Guidelines & Workbook
    Good Sports Clubs
    Reducing the Supply of Alcohol to Minors (RSAM)
    Blow the Whistle on Violence
    Supermarket initiative
     Alcohol Policy to be developed 2011-2012
    Youth AOD
  • Other:
    Brain Injury Liaison Service
    Richmond District Community Patrol
    Primary Mental Health Services
    Food Safety
    Well Child: Health and Safety
    Strengthening Families
    Targeted Youth Health Service
  • Outdoors:
    Outdoor recreation forum
  • New and migrant Communities:
    SONT – Speak Out Nelson Tasman (reporting system) 
    Translation Kit for Burmese speaking Chin refugees and information about accessing medicines from pharmacies
    Ethnic community constable
    Settling In groups
    Nelson Multicultural Council
    Refugee Services

Violence prevention (intentional injuries):

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson-Youth Mentoring
  • Stopping Violence programme
  • Men’s support group
  • Women SAFE
  • Women Exploring Anger
  • Counselling (male & Female)
  • Family/Whanau support services
  • Women’s Support group
  • Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust
  • Teenpower Violence Prevention
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Kidpower Parent Child Workshops
  • Kidpower,Teenpower, Fullpower Workshops
  • Community Whanau
  • Neighbourhood Support Nelson
  • PASS – Personal Action for Sexual Safety
  • Community training and tools for positive responses to Family Violence
  • Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Service
  • White Ribbon Day
  • Women’s Refuge Training
  • Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care
  • Blessed Are Campaign
  • Blow the Whistle on Violence
  • Repeat Family Violence visits
  • Family Violence Case management 

Suicide prevention (self-inflected injuries):

  • Suicide Prevention Coordination
  • Life Matters group

Programmes aiming at “High risk-groups”:

  • Children 0 – 4 years: home safety
  • Youth 15 – 24 years: road safety, alcohol-related harm
  • Maori children 0 – 4 years: home safety, road safety
  • Maori all ages: road safety, suicide prevention
  • Older adults 65+ years: falls prevention
  • Motorcycle riders: youth riders and returning riders ( >40 years)
  • Rural: Quad bike safety
  • Children 10-14: road safety - bicycle
  • Low income families: home safety, child safety
  • Workplace: forestry and construction industries, young workers
  • Alcohol, violence and crime reduction: young people in central city at night

 Surveillance of injuries:

Every year around in Nelson Tasman there are around 10,000 visits to Nelson Emergency Department because of an injury. According to the National Injury Query System - Otago University, each year from 1988 to 2007 the rates of fatal injuries in the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board have ranged from the lowest of around 39/100 000 persons to the highest of 51/100 000.  In the same time period hospital discharges ranged from 935/100 000 to around 1309/100 000 people.

In the Nelson Tasman community the injury information for local action programme uses a wide range of sources to inform local planning and monitoring. These include:

  • Emergency department data to inform identification of locations or population groups.
  • ACC regional injury statistics
  • 1996 - 2006 New Zealand Census data from Statistics NZ
  • NZ Police data for crimes and road offences and crashes
  • New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) road injury publications for Nelson and Tasman territorial local authorities
  • Deaths and hospital discharges (1988 – 2007) found at National Injury Query system, Injury Prevention Unit –Otago University
  • Other publications such as Safe Communities Foundation Factsheets, Safekids statistics, Child and Youth Epidemiology Department – Otago University, Child Youth Mortality Review Committee reports

 Produced information material, pamphlets:

  • Many road safety information resources including safety at intersections
  • A range of information resources for all ages to support the KidPower/Teenpower/ Fullpower initiatives.
  • Family violence resources including banners/ leaflets/posters promoting messages to reduce levels of family violence.
  • Safe Use of Medicines rack card
  • Translation Kit and Chin Community Access to Pharmacy guide
  • Safe Use of Medicines booklet and minor ailments leaflets
  • Prescription Subsidy Card Poster
  • Services that a Pharmacy Provides poster
  • Youth Services Directory Nelson/Tasman
  • Health Service directory
  • Be Well Website
  • Well child pamphlet

International commitments:

  • Participation in 17th International Safe Community Conference in Christchurch 2008
  • Attendance at National ISC Forum in Auckland on 23 August 2009
  • Attendance at National ISC Forum in Wellington 15th November 2010


Number: Working Group has 11 members
Professions:  Working group members represent Nelson City and Tasman District Councils, Public Health Service: Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, NZ Police, ACC, Fulton Hogan, Nelson Bays Community Law, Local iwi, Health Action Trust, Ministry of Social Development- Work and Income
Permanent: Working Group members are permanent positions
Temporary: 1 part-time, co-ordinator averaging about 0.1/0.2 FTE and on a contracted basis.
Organisation: Governance group, working group, task groups for each of the identified areas.
Specific intersectoral leadership group: Talking Heads (intersectoral group of heads of government agencies plus Mayors of the three Councils)
General public health/health promotion group: Community and Whanau (Nelson, Stoke, Richmond), Nelson Safer Community Council

Safe at Top Working Group
Safe at Top Working Group
Speak Out
Speak Out
Blessed Are
Blessed Are
Road Safety
Road Safety
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