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Hutt Valley New Zealand, International Safe Community # 203

Safe Hutt Valley Community Outline Safe Hutt Valley Community Outline
(SCA Hutt Valley Outline.pdf - 429.14 Kb)
Hutt Valley ISC Site Visit and Application Report Hutt Valley ISC Site Visit and Application Report
(Hutt Valley Application & Site Visit Feedback Report.pdf - 195.84 Kb)
Safe Hutt Valley Newsletter Safe Hutt Valley Newsletter
(Hutt NZ Designation for Int SC Monthly Sept 2010.pdf - 181.83 Kb)
Hutt Valley
Hutt Valley

Hutt Valley (Hutt City and Upper Hutt)  is the 15th and 16th ISC in New Zealand and 203rd in the world. Safe Community programme outline, Application received July 2010, Site Visit August 2010, Designation Ceremony 2nd September 2010.

Name of the Community: Hutt Valley (incorporating the cities of Lower Hutt & Upper Hutt)
Country: New Zealand
Number of inhabitants:  136,116
Programme started year: 2007
International Safe Communities Network Membership: 2010
Full Application:

For further information contact:
Name: Lesley Davies - Safe Hutt Valley Coordinator
Institution: Hutt City Council
Address:30 Laings Road, Private Bag 31-912         
City: Lower Hutt
Country: New Zealand
Phone: 0064 45706930
Info address on www for the institution:  or

The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

For the age group

  • Children 0-14 years:
    Families Day
    City of Values
    Junior Neighbourhood Support
    Car seat programme
    Plunket programmes
    Fire safe programme
    Crime Free Schools
    Alcohol Free Schools
    Parenting programmes
    School travel Plans
    Walking school bus
    Child restraints
  • Youth 15-24 years:
    Youth Infusion
    Nga Ara Kete
    Tamaiti Whangai
    Controlled Purchase Operations
    City of values
    School travel plans
    Driving programmes
    Families day
    Dare programme
    Operation High School
    Truancy booklet
    Graffiti work
    Community Payback
    Secret level
    Whanau road safety
    Cycling programmes
  • Adults 25-64 years:
    Safety Work out
    Home safety forum
    Hutt Housing forum
    Family works
    Driving programmes
    Drive sober campaigns
    Night Owls
    Community Patrols
    Neighbourhood support
    Safe City Awards
    City of values
    Family violence network
    Families day
    Door staff training
    Stay safe in the Hutt
    Salvation Army Bridge programme
    Abbat trust
    Sir Charles Burns trust
    Family Safety team
    White ribbon
    Youth workers network
    Timberlea graffiti project
     Project K
    Te ra o te raukura
  • Older Adults 65+ years:
    Neighbourhood support
    Families day
    Volunteers day
     Aging together
    City of Values
    Tai chi
    Otago exercise programme
    Vitamin D falls prevention
    Home safety presentations

In the following Environments:

  • Home:
    Neighbourhood Support
    Junior Neighbourhood Support
    Families day
    Ladder safety
    Plunket courses
    Family works fathers programme
    Family violence programme
    Hutt housing programme
    Smoke alarms programme
    Hutt valley home safety programme
    Salvation Army housing project
    Family Safety team
  • Traffic:
    Road safety education programmes
    Speed campaign
    Intersections campaign
    Bike Wise Month
    Car seat checkpoints
    Motorcycle and scooter safety
    Take one for your mates
    Learner licence campaign
    Youth drive skills programme
    Whanau road safety
    Read write plus driver licence campaign
    Safety round schools programme
    Young cyclist of the year
  • Occupational:
    Health and Safety employers forum
    Defensive driving for workers programme
    Safety work out
    Ladder safety
    Safety NZ Week
    Gold Awards
    Hutt employers forum
    Safer Industries
    Alcohol Accords
  • School:
    Crime Free Schools
    Alcohol Free Schools
    Nga Ara Kete
    Youth infusion
    Truancy booklet
    School travel plans
    Dare programme
    Taiohi Morehu
    Young drivers programme
    Safety around school gates
    Primary school cycling programmes
  • Sports:
    Tamaiti Whangai
    Tai Chi
    Cycling programmes
    Nga ara kete
  • Leisure:
    CPTED in parks
    Liquor Liaison Group
    Host responsibility awards
    Door staff training
    CCTV Lower Hutt
    CPTED in libraries
    Making Places/Vision 2030
    City of Values
    UHCC day lighting the subway
    Stay safe in the Hutt
    Secret Level
    Te ra o te Raukura

 Violence prevention (intentional injuries):

  • Liquor liaison group
  • Alcohol Accords
  • Compliance checks
  • Liquor bans
  • CEG group meetings
  • Door staff training
  • Walkwise
  • Community Patrols
  • Maori Wardens
  • Police on bikes
  • Police on trains
  • Family violence network
  • CCTV
  • Night Owls
  • Family works fathers group
  • Family safety team
  • Tamaiti Whangai
  • Taiohi Morehu
  • White Ribbon
  • Cactus

Programmes aiming at “High risk-groups”:

  • Tai Chi
  • Otago exercise Programme
  • Vitamin D falls programme
  • Home safety promotion
  • Tamaiti Whangai
  • Road safety programmes aimed at young people
  • Cycling programmes
  • Child restraints programmes
  • Nga Ara Kete
  • Dept of Corrections re-integration programme
  • Salvation Army housing for ex-prisoners
  • Family Safety teams
  • HEHA
  • Taiohi Morehu
  • Community Payback
  • White ribbon
  • Alcohol Free Schools
  • Crime Free schools
  • Welltrust
  • Salvation Army Bridge Programme
  • DARE

Surveillance of injuries:

This issue is dealt with by the Hutt Valley Injury data Report. This is attached to our application as an appendix.

  • Data collected:
    Hutt Valley demographics
    NZHIS Injury statistics
    ACC injury statistics
    Police crime statistics

 Numbers per year:

  • During the five-year period 2001-2005, 231 people from the Hutt Valley died as a result of an injury, an annual average of 47 people.
  • The leading causes of injury death in the Hutt Valley were motor vehicle crashes on a public road (25%), falls (22%) and poisoning and suffocation (both 19%).
  • Older adults aged 75 and over had the highest number of injury death (23%) followed by younger adults aged 15-24 years (17%).
  • During the five-year period 2003-2007, 6,672 people from Hutt Valley were hospitalised overnight for treatment of an injury, an annual average of 1,334.
  • The leading causes of injury hospitalisation were falls (42%), followed by cut/piece/struck (17%), then transport related injuries (13%).
  • The 0-14 year age group accounted for almost a quarter of all injury hospitalizations (23%), followed by people aged 75+ (17%), then the 15-24 year age group (16%).


Number: 1
Professions: Safe City Officer, Permanent
Organization: Hutt City Council
Specific intersectoral leadership group: Safe Hutt Valley Interagency Group

International commitments:

  • 17th ISC Conference Christchurch ‘09
  • 2008 Workshop for the ISC Network in New Zealand, 23rd October 2008
  • 2009 Workshop for the ISC Network in New Zealand, 23rd September 2009


Dulux Workplace Safety
Dulux Workplace Safety
Youth Town
Youth Town
Safe Hutt Valley Interagency Group
Safe Hutt Valley Interagency Group
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