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Welcome to the Safe Communities Foundation

SafetySafe Communities Foundation New Zealand (SCFNZ), is  a not-for-profit organisation with charitable trust status, a visible national champion for the promotion of International Safe Communities Model (ISC).

International Safe Communities is a World Health Organisation (WHO) concept that recognizes safety as " a universal concern and a responsibility for all". This approach to community safety encourages greater cooperation and collaboration between non-government organisations, the business sector, local and government agencies.  In order to be designated as an ISC, communities are required to meet seven criteria developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Community Safety at the Karolinska Institute for Social Medicine in Stockholm Sweden. The ISC accreditation process provides, not only support for communities, but an indication of a level of achievement within the field of community safety.

Currently, ISC guidelines require that the applicant community is defined along existing local council boundaries and that the Mayor and local Council coordinate the Safe Community programme.  However, the characteristics that define a ‘community’ are changing and the range of stakeholders who are able to influence the development of community capacity to promote injury prevention and enhance community safety is also changing.  In recognition of the changing shape of communities and the diverse ways in which they can achieve sustainable injury prevention and community safety outcomes, has encouraged the SCFNZ Board to establish a process for Pacific Safe Community designation. SCFNZ encourages this process as a stepping-stone to ISC designation.

The designation of  Safe Communities and the WHO Safe Communities model has provided an invaluable structure for the work of SCFNZ and also for the communities with whom we work.

What does SCFNZ do?

  • SCFNZ, as a International Safe Community Support Centre for the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion accredits communities using the international criteria.
  • SCFNZ is a lead organisation for the Pan Pacific Safe Community Network accrediting communities as Pacific/ New Zealand Safe Communities.
  • SCFNZ has worked successfully with communities throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia promoting and supporting the development of Safe Communities in diverse geographic and socio-economic contexts.
  • SCFNZ develops collaborative relationships with government agencies, Territorial Local Authorities (Councils), organisations and businesses to influence significant changes in key areas of community safety including:  safer public places, road safety, crime prevention, falls prevention, alcohol misuse, safety in the workplace, water safety, safety in the home and safety by design.
  • SCFNZ actively supports the adoption of an evidence-based approach to community safety using world-wide knowledge and experience.

Our values

SCFNZ’s work is based on three core values:

  1. Safety is a fundamental human right;
  2. People are at the heart of making communities safer places in which to live, work, learn, travel and play; and
  3. Everybody has a responsibility to promote & maintain their safety & the safety of others.

International Safe Community Support Centre of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion

Accrediting Centre of the  Pan Pacific Safe Community Network

WEBINARS - Pan Pacific Safe Community Network

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