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Murrays Bay School and Murrays Bay Intermediate School

Application Form Application Form
(APPLICATION Final compressed Oct06.pdf - 971.21 Kb)
Designation Newsletter Designation Newsletter
(Newsletter MBS & MBIS.pdf - 175.01 Kb)
Designated October 2006 and 2007
Designation Ceremony
Designation Ceremony

The application was made by Murrays Bay Intermediate School and Murrays Bay School situated on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand. Their attached application describes how both schools meet the accreditation criteria of the Safe School Community International Accreditation Programme. 

Murrays Bay School is a Decile 10 contributing school located adjacent to the Intermediate School, in Murrays Bay on the North Shore Auckland. It currently has approx 550 students from years 1 - 6 and a staff of 45. The students attending the school come from a large geographical area and a number of them travel to school each day by car. It celebrates diversity with approximately 25 different ethnicities among its students, with the second largest group after New Zealand European being Korean.

Murrays Bay Intermediate School is a decile 10 school located in Murrays Bay on the North Shore, Auckland.  This is an established residential area.  The school was inaugurated 47 years ago and will celebrate the golden jubilee in 2008. The school opened in 1958 with a roll of approximately 400 and has continued to grow steadily with a current roll of 834 pupils and 68 fee paying students.  

Murrays Bay School and Murrays Bay Intermediate demonstrate an outstanding commitment to developing and maintaining the safety culture and a safe environment within the school site. The whole application provides examples of how the wider network of parents, students, staff and community are all involved in ensuring a physical and emotional safe environment for students, staff and the wider community.

Murrays Bay School and Murrays Bay Intermediate School is the first whole school site to be designated as a  Safe School. This accreditation is the result of several years of work to improve safety for students and staff.

Murrays Bay School and Murrays Bay Intermediate School submitted their application before the revision of Safe Schools and SSCIAP. Thus their application relects criteria of the time and their re-designation application will reflect the SSCIAP criteria.  

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