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Kaiapoi North School

Full Application for Kaiapoi North School Full Application for Kaiapoi North School
(Kaiapoi North ISS FInal Application.pdf - 9.57 Mb)
Summary Report Summary Report
(Summary Rpt Kaiapoi North.pdf - 61.61 Kb)

Kaiapoi North School is only the second school in the South Island of New Zealand to be designated under the International Safe School Accreditation Programme and this is the result of several years of work of all those involved to improve safety for students and staff.  Internationally, Kaiapoi North is the 50th school to be designated as an ISS (30th March 2011). Kaiapoi North School was established in 1963, and provides education for students in Years 1 to 8. It is a decile 5 full primary school with approximately 500 children.  The application demonstrates that Kaiapoi North School has a strong parents, teachers and community that actively participate not only in fostering academic excellence but also providing a safe, healthy and secure environment as a basis of supporting the development of emotionally and physically capable individuals. It shows an  outstanding ongoing commitment to developing and maintaining the safety culture and a safe environment at Kaiapoi North School.


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