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Safe Communities

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Criteria and Process for Accreditation /Reaccreditation as a Safe Community

Accreditation Process Accreditation Process
(Flow Chart Accreditation Process SC.pdf - 104.14 Kb)
Reaccreditation Process Pan Reaccreditation Process Pan
(Flow Chart Reaccreditation Process SC.pdf - 103.96 Kb)
Become a Safe Community Become a Safe Community
(FS 2 Accreditation Process.pdf - 616.17 Kb)

Safe Communities is a World Health Organisation (WHO) concept that recognises safety as "a universal concern and a responsibility for all". This approach to safety promotion and injury prevention encourages greater cooperation and collaboration between non-government organisations, the business sector, central and local government agencies, and creatively mobilises local community members to action. WHO Safe Communities model creates an infrastructure in local communities for addressing injury prevention initiatives through the building of local partnerships.

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