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Safe Communities

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Strategic Intent

The Safe Communities Foundation of New Zealand (SCFNZ) focuses on both intentional and unintentional injury and has adopted the vision of the New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy (NZIPS):  a safe New Zealand, becoming injury free.

SCFNZ goal is:

To work collaboratively with communities, schools, industry and government agencies to improve community safety through the creation of a sense of awareness, understanding, support and leadership to implement effective community safety programmes, to create safe environments and to contribute to reducing the social and economic costs of injuries in New Zealand.

SCFNZ objectives are to:

    1. Raise awareness of, advocate for, and support the development of safety promotion and injury prevention at local, national and international levels;
    2. Increase the uptake of an evidence-based approach for community safety through particpation in networks and other collaborative opportunities.

    3. Facilitate access to regional and national data to identify groups at high risk of injury and crime;

    4. Support better alignment of government and community safety efforts.

    5. Develop and provide relevant and timely resources to encourage appropriate documentation, dissemination and evaluation of community-based initiatives.

    6. Collaborate to support 'Safe Schools', 'Passport to Safety' and the 'NZ Community Safety & Injury Prevention Awards' initiatives.

    7. Contribute to reductions in the New Zealand injury and crime burden.

    8. Maintain links with, and particpate nationally and internationally in, the accreditation of International Safe Communities based on indicators developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. 

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